Bdash Album Cover

Music Producer Brian ‘Bdash’ Houston found creative Hat through Twitter and approached us with an unusual design commission for his Business.

His brief was straight forward: “I would like a face shot of myself with that of a black panther…but I would like a really dope illustration & not just photo manipulation.”

Once I had a clear idea in my head of how the concept would go, I sketched out Brian’s face from a photo he sent over, and proceeded to draw the image digitally in Adobe Illustrator.



I did the same with the panther, which was sketched and digitally drawn from scratch.

Once the illustrations were complete, I exported them into Photoshop for the painting and blending.


Adzo Entertainment is a new production company that was established in Cleveland Heights; Ohio in 2014 by music producer ‘Bdash’. What started out as a hobby has developed into a successful business, which Bdash believes is within everyone’s reach as long as the motives behind it are genuine.

Brian Bdash Houston is an upcoming independent American record producer with a strong passion for music. His company focuses on creating fresh sounds for all music genres and purposes, although his specialist style of production deals mainly with the world renowned music genre. Some of his production techniques make use of sampling, and then incorporating his own drums and instruments to give his work a truly unique feel.

You can check out Bdash’s work on SoundCloud HERE

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