Elvis Costello Transcript Cover

Creative Hat were recently approached to do a transcript cover for the Elvis Costello song ‘The loved ones’ from the Imperial Bedroom album. I was subsequently commissioned by Sylvie Yannello in New York who had seen the Elvis Costello Portrait on the blog. Sylvia wanted me to provide an original illustration for one of her licenced transcripts.

Having free reign, I opted for a Pablo Picasso Pastiche, which is a nod to the late Barney Bubbles who drew the Imperial Bedroom album cover (1982).

As always, the project started life as a pencil sketch which was redrawn digitally and then photoshopped. Here are a couple of images from the process…

1. The initial sketch is graphite pencil on paper, basically playing with the shapes.


2. Picasso aficionados will note the flagrant use of his chequered harlequin pattern and patented ‘chair.body’ motifs among other ‘borrowed’ items.


3. At one point during the creative process, the piece went thtough a blue period…


4. And here is the final rendered illustration…


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