Commercially Driven Graphic Design in Norwich …

It is imperative for any business that makes use of imagery in their marketing, that the visual aids accomplish what they set out to do, and that is where experienced designers come into their own. Commercially aware designers remain informed on the current design trends setting the pace in different industries, and understand the target perception behind these trends. At Creative Hat; graphic design Norwich, we stay on top of our game, and stay alert at the cutting edge of current design trends.

Purpose Driven Graphics …

The commercial use of graphics is essentially about the visual association of a service or product with a particular market. Audience attraction makes use of that association, whether it is by emulating the current marketing trends, or by setting them. The adage that ‘people buy with their eyes’ remains as true as ever, which leaves us to determine who the buyers are and how our service or product can relate to that specific market expectation.

The Creative Process …

We work closely with our clients; employing the latest professional disciplines that focus on visual communication and presentation. We use the highest industry standard software, and possess the necessary freehand skills to undertake any type of creative project.

Graphic Design Products Include:

Logos / Posters / Brochures / Flyers / Leaflets / Stationery / Packaging Design / Business Identities / Artwork for T-Shirts / CD Covers / DVD covers / animated advertising banners / magazine layouts.


Graphic Formats

Print ready files (CMYK – 300 DPI) – JPEG, PSD (Photoshop), Bitmap, PNG, EPS.Web ready files (RGB – 72 DPI) JPEG, PSD (Photoshop), Bitmap, TIFF, PNG, EPS.

Copyright ownership to the final & approved artwork (does not include conceptual designs)