Raven & Rose Logo Design

Creative Hat were approached by Chloe Walker from Raven & Rose Beauty to design a logo in keeping with the company image and ethos. I was given free reign to come up with the logo design, and really enjoyed creating it from start to finish.


Fig.1 – Sketching the bespoke typeface and graphic elements – The first idea that came to mind was good enough for me to start sketching it out, so that I could visualise the deco / art nouveau style typeface I wanted to use.


Fig.2 – Working from the final sketch, the Raven & Rose elements were digitally redrawn in adobe Illustrator. At this point I wanted to focus on joining together the ampersand, raven, & rose elements.

Raven & Rose Port-3

Fig.3 – The bespoke lettering was loosely inspired by other typefaces of the deco era, but essentially every letter remodelled to create a unique typeface for the logo

Raven & Rose Port-3

Fig.4 – The stud element at the top of the capital ‘R’ was designed to add a gothic touch to the lettering.

Raven & Rose Port-5

Fig.5 – Adding bold colour to get an idea of the contrast. The wing flourishes on either side of ‘BEAUTY’ add an almost Egyptian feel to the design, and work well with the overall.

Raven & Rose Port-6

Fig. 6 – Adding the final detail in Illustrator, and preparing the vectors for export into Photoshop where the image will be painted.

Raven & Rose Port-7

Fig.7 – The vectors are imported into Photoshop in layers for the final touches, where a wrought-iron effect is used for the lettering, and the other graphical elements are detailed.


Raven & Rose Beauty is a business run by Chloe Walker, who strives to ensure that her clients are made to feel right at home. Chloe has a vast array of clientele from all walks of life, some of whom have never been confident enough to walk into a salon before. At Raven & Rose Beauty, many of these have become regulars for all kinds of beauty treatments (even spray tans). This is all down to Chloe’s easy going nature and friendly, down to earth personality.

In Chloe’s eyes everybody is beautiful, and helping to boost the confidence of a client is what makes her job 100% worthwhile. The services provided are; Gel Polish, Nail Extensions, Spray Tanning, Threading, Waxing, Eyelash Extensions, Hopi Ear Candles, Tinting, and Massage

If you want to know more about Raven & Rose Beauty or contact Chloe, you can visit her Facebook page here.

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